Friday, June 13, 2008

2008 May Meeting Minutes

Next meeting:
Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 (TM- Rob K., SP- Raja B., SP- Janet H., SP- Tom O., TT- Jack C., GE- Anh T.)

We did all 5 Goals to be a Distinguished Club!
We do not have 15 members to be recognized as a Distinguished Club.
Goal 1: Two CCs - DONE
Competent Communicator Rory M. Mar 26, 2008
Competent Communicator Anh T. Mar 26, 2008
Goal 3: One AC - DONE
Advanced Communicator Bronze Robert K. Sep 12, 2007
Goal 4: One additional AC - DONE
Advanced Communicator Bronze Anh T. Sep 12, 2007
Goal 7: Four new members - DONE
4 new members Rhonda L., Jean D., Arndt P.,
Christie Traczyk

Goal 10: Dues Renewals/officers List on time - DONE
both October 1 & April 1
12 members as June 11, 2008 (Queen, Rhonda, Jean, Anh, Janet, Jack, Tom, Raja, Rory, Rob, Arndt, Christie)

5/28 Best Speaker: Jean D. "Three R's"

May 14th, 2008 (TM- Anh T., SP- Raja B., SP- Janet H., SP- Tom O., TT- Rob K., GE- Jack C.)
5/14 Best Speaker: Raja B. "Coming to America"

5/14 Speaker Tom O. “Health Savings Accounts”

5/14 Best Evaluator Rory M., Rhonda L.

5/14 Best Table Topics Answer Anh T., Rhonda L.

5/14 Word of the Day: cosset \KOSS-it\, transitive verb:
To treat as a pet; to treat with excessive indulgence; to pamper.

We celebrated 20 Years Anniversary by awarding members who delivered 3 speeches a Toatmaster Pin: Tom O., members who completed the CC project a Toastmaster Pin and a CTM gold tag: Raja B. and Rory M., members who completed the AC project a Toastmaster Pin and an ATM gold tag: Jack C., Janet H., Rob K.
We then took a picture together.

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