Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2007 September 12th meeting minutes

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 (TM Rory, TT Jack, SP Anh SP Queen EV Rob, EV Tom EV Raja Conflict: Craig, Janet Meeting Room F333)

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007 (TM Tom, TT Rory, SP Rob, SP Craig, SP Rory, SP Janet, GE Anh, EV Janet, EV Anh, EV Rory, EV Rob)
9/12 attendees: Anh, Rob, Janet, Jack, Craig, Tom, Rory, David Michel
9/12 Best Speaker: Rory McManus "Effective Goofing Off"
9/12 Best Evaluator: Rob Kalin
9/12 Best Tabletopic Answer: Not enough time
9/12 Word of the Day: plangent
1. Beating with a loud or deep sound, as, "the plangent wave."
2. Expressing sadness; plaintive.

Rob's speech "Introducing Craig Turner"
Rob had one speech left to complete his Advanced Communicator Bronze project. The speech was “introduce the speaker”. It was a lead in speech to one of the speeches.
To prepare for this speech, Rob needed a speaker who was willing to forward him the speech. Craig then forwarded his speech to Rob. Congratulations to Rob who achieved the ACB award on September 12, 2007.

Craig's speech "Hockey tournament in District 10 Guidelines & Processes"
This is a vocational speech on the procedures of applying for and hosting a tournament in District 10 of Minnesota Hockey. The paperwork guidelines were presented specifying MUST rules. Then the tournament guidelines were presented with several recommended action items.

Rory's speech "Effective Goofing Off"
Goofing off is largely a neglected field when it comes to time management. This speech demonstrated how a portable gaming system (Nintendo DS) could be used to maximize the value of video game playing time, a popular form of goofing off. The main points of the speech were efficiency gains due to the fast startup/shutdown of the system, the ability to leverage otherwise wasted moments of time (such as waiting in lines, doctors offices, etc) as quality goofing off moments, and even how it could enhance relationships with ones spouse through increased "together time" (play anywhere your spouse wants to go). A DS is the right tool to maximize the efficiency of your non-productive moments.

Janet's speech "It's the Calories!"
Janet started by asking if anyone wanted to lose a few pounds. She talked about the variety of diet plans available, discussed a consultation she had with Slim4Life and talked about the choice to do her own plan. Her plan is very simple - eat less (and smartly), exercise more!

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