Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Next Meeting April 25, 2007

Next meeting assigned roles:
TM: Tom Oleson
TT: Rob Kalin
SP: Janet Hall
SP: Craig Turner
Note: 4/25 Anh will be out of town.

4/11 Attendees: Anh, Janet, Jack, Rory, Rob, Tom, Philip Hastings
4/11 Best Speaker Rory McManus Scoping Your Own Sick Line
4/11 Best Table Topic Answer Tom Oleson
4/11 Best Evaluator Tom Oleson

Rory's speech Scoping Your Own Sick Line brought us many excitements.
He showed us what he meant by practicing gliding using a skateboard. Rory's goal is gliding on much lower bar by certain time frame for exercising purpose.

Anh's speech Pumping Up Your Iron gave us helpful information about iron.
She persued us to be aware of our hemoglobin level (for women, normal range should be from 12 – 16 grams).

And to intake adequate amount of rich iron food daily (females need at least 18 mg of iron daily)
10 bagels give 18 mg of iron, 36 hot dogs give 18 mg of iron
20 oz. of beef gives 18 mg of iron (3 oz. of meat after cooked -- similar to the size of a deck of cards).

Area 22 Contest Results - Congratulations to Jack Chandler for receiving Second Place award at the Area 22 Spring Contest on April 4, 2007. Way to go Jack!

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