Monday, March 5, 2007

2007 Februrary 28th Meeting Minutes

Next meeting: March 14, 2007
Attendees of 2/28: Janet, Anh, Craig, Tom, Jack
Speaker: Janet Hall
Speech: Building Your Thinking Power

In Part I - Mental Flexibility. Janet showed us this picture, then asked:
How Many Squares Do You See? (Hint ... 16 + 9 + 4 + 1 = 30)

I love those Exercises with Mental Flexibility.
IQ Test of Mental Flexibility

See you on March 14 with Part II - "The Power of Ideas."

Subject: Reminder: TM meeting 2/28 (Building Your Thinking Power, Part I - Mental Flexibility)

Fellow Toastmasters,

This is just a reminder that in tomorrow's Toastmaster meeting I will be presenting a Success Communication Series module. It is "Building Your Thinking Power, Part I: Mental Flexibility" - this will take the entire meeting as well as the meeting on March 14. Some info from the materials:

"Building Your Thinking Power" is a program designed to help participants develop their creative thinking abilities. The program is available in two segments: Part I, "Mental Flexibility," and Part II, "The Power of Ideas."

We will discuss the key elements of mental flexibility and practice some specific techniques for developing it. Mental flexibility is one of the hallmarks of the effective thinker. To be mentally flexible means being able to adapt, to appreciate various points of view, to be open to new possibilities, to change your ways when necessary and to be willing to learn and grow continuously.

I hope you will join me at the meeting tomorrow and take part in this interactive module. Feel free to bring a guest or two. The more the merrier!

Best Regards,

February 14, 2007 Minutes

Attendees: Anh, Jan, Rob, Rory, Jack, Craig, Tom.
Best Speaker of the Day Award went to Rory McManus.
Best Evaluator of the Day Award went to Rob Kalin.

Jack shared with us his concerns about green house effect in his speech "Humanities Greatest Challenge".

Janet talked about "Along With Me", she suggest carrying a book with you wherever you go.

Rory told us beautiful and romantic stories in the speech titled "My Mountains".

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